Wife turns in inmate husband hours after he’s mistakenly released from jail: Report

A Colorado woman reportedly took her husband back to jail less than two hours after realizing that he was released in error.

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reported that James J. Rynerson, 38, was jailed in late May on charges of menacing, disorderly conduct, and trespassing. Being held on $2,000 bond, sheriff’s deputies at Mesa County Jail mistook Rynerson for another inmate when they released him on May 21.

A report obtained by the newspaper stated that fellow inmate Marvin March, 35, was temporarily moved to Rynerson’s cell while his cell was under construction. Marsh was moved back to his original cell but jail records weren’t updated to reflect that. The lapse reportedly led jail officials to go to Rynerson’s cell and inform March that he’s being released.

Rynerson is accused of not correcting jailer’s mistake. Instead, he allegedly took March’s paperwork—signing his fellow inmate’s name—in addition to his debit card and leather jacket and left the jail. Deputies and the booking technician are said to have not looked at Rynerson’s wristband before releasing him.

Jail officials realized their mistake a short time later when Marsh inquired about his release. The Daily Sentinel reported that Rynerson’s wife was also in for a surprise when she got home and found her husband in the garage.

And, within two hours, Rynerson found himself back behind bars.

The inmate’s wife reportedly urged Rynerson to turn himself in after he informed her of the jail’s error. The report stated that she even drove her inmate husband back to the Mesa County Detention Facility.

Despite him being on the lam for less than two hours, Rynerson was charged with escape, forgery, criminal impersonation, and theft for his alleged role in the snafu.

Mesa County Sheriff’s Sergeant Henry Stoffel praised the inmate’s wife for her actions and said they’re currently investigating jail protocol to identify possible issues in their housing policy.

[Featured image: James Rynerson/Mesa County Jail]