‘Permit Patty’ says she ‘faked’ calling police on little girl selling water, but station obtains actual 911 call: Report

The woman caught on video attempting to call police about a child selling water is now accused of lying about the incident, KTVU-TV reports.

Alison Ettel, whom the internet dubbed “Permit Patty,” initially claimed that she was only pretending to call the cops on the 8-year-old girl. But the television station got a copy of the 911 call Ettel phoned in, and it clearly shows she wasn’t kidding.

The child had been selling bottled water in front of her house without a permit.

“I have someone who does not have a vendor permit that’s selling water across from the ballpark.,” Ettel told a dispatcher in the recording.

The San Francisco woman then asked for “someone to talk about that” and the dispatcher put Ettel on hold. The phone line soon cut out, and it’s not clear whether she hung up or was disconnected. Police records show the call was logged as a “suspicious person” report.

Ettel issued a public apology and resigned from serving as chief executive officer of the medical marijuana company Treatwell.

“Our sole focus, as a company is to enrich, heal, and preserve the 1000’s of lives of those patients in need,” the company said in a statement issued this week. “We do not seek forgiveness for the act, rather we accept the fact that a very poor decision was made.”

Multiple businesses also have severed ties with Treatwell since the video went viral, the New York Post reports.

Ettel said she was irritated because the child and her mom were being noisy. She reportedly first asked a security guard to address the situation, but when that didn’t work, she began arguing with the mother, Erin Austin.

Austin recorded the confrontation on video and posted it online last week.

USA TODAY reports that Austin had recently lost her job and the girl was attempting to raise money for a Disneyland trip.

[Feature Photo: Allison Ettel/Facebook]