Disturbing social media posts show horrific abuse of 3-year-old girl with slashes on neck, broken blood vessels in eyes: Report

An Arkansas couple was arrested late last month for allegedly abusing the woman’s 3-year-old daughter to the point that she required skin grafting surgery.

According to WREG, the Gosnell Police Department arrested mother Sarah Keeling and boyfriend Anthony Mosley after an image posted to social media showed an injured girl being held by the hand.

The image is said to have been so graphic that local media outlets have refused to broadcast it and authorities recommended the public not to share them.

Following their arrests, the children’s father, Clinton Rushing Jr., told WREG that his daughter’s eye vessels were broken, her mouth was bruised and bloodied, and her neck was covered in cuts. Rushing also claimed his 2-year-old son had injuries on his lips and eyes.

Rushing claimed he went to the couple’s trailer and ended up rushing his daughter to a hospital in Missouri. It wasn’t until after that visit that he reportedly learned of the disturbing images circulating on social media. Keeling couldn’t tell Rushing how the children sustained their injuries, he said.

Police recently asked the public to stop harassing the children’s father and his family as they were unaware of the abuse. It remains unclear who snapped the pictures that exposed the alleged abuse.

Neighbors claimed the couple’s home was in deplorable condition before the pictures came to light.

Mosley was charged with first-degree domestic violence battery while Keeling was charged with permitting the abuse of a minor. Authorities accused Mosley of abusing both children, according to WREG.

Keeling and Mosley are being held on $100,000 and $150,000 bonds, respectively.

Rushing said of his recovering daughter, “That’s gonna haunt her every day and I’m gonna have to work with her every day just to prove to her that not everybody’s like that.”

[Featured image: Sarah Keeling and Anthony Mosley/Gosnell Police Department]