‘Dad’ tosses children out car after demanding they give him money—then drives off as one kid clings onto bumper: Report

A Louisana father is facing criminal charges after he allegedly threw his three children out of his car before driving off while one held onto the bumper.

NOLA.com reported that Kenneth Watson, 57, was spotted suddenly stopping at an intersection and forcing three children out his car on the evening June 29. Witnesses claimed the children looked “distressed” and that one of the grabbed onto the back of the car as Watson drove off.

Watson allegedly stopped the car again to throw a fourth child out, leaving her on the curb.

A bystander reportedly retrieved all the children and called 911. The children told police that they were in the car with their father when he picked up a woman they didn’t know, according to NOLA.com.

The children told investigators that they were left in the car while their father and the woman “picked something up” and “took care of adult business,” the warrant stated. They said Watson was drunk when he returned.

The children claimed Watson appeared “angry” and told them to give him money before he pushed them out the vehicle. The warrant alleged that Watson initially allowed the one child to stay in the car because she had money on her.

Watson was charged with three counts of child desertion and four of cruelty to a child. His bond was set at $110,000.

Records obtained by the local newspaper revealed that the New Orleans father has two prior convictions for domestic abuse battery.


[Featured Image: Kenneth Watson/Orleans Justice Center]