Teen girl stabbed to death by own BROTHER because she took too long in the bathroom: Report

Police said Gavin Henderson pulled a knife on one of his sisters prior to last month’s slaying

A Georgia man with a prison record allegedly stabbed his 15-year-old sister to death last month following a dispute over the bathroom.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Gavin Henderson, 27, had moved into a Dunwoody apartment with his mother and his siblings after being released from a Florida prison last year. Dunwoody police Detective Jesus Maldonado said Henderson had served several years in prison for violent crimes and had nowhere to live following his release.

Now, police say Gavin had to use the bathroom on June 18 and became incensed upon realizing it was being occupied by Keaira Henderson, 15. Things escalated when Gavin retrieved a 10-inch hunting knife and chased her out the apartment. Keaira reportedly banged on neighbors’ doors, to no avail.

Gavin allegedly made comments to police indicating that he instantly thought about going back to prison the first time he plunged the knife into his sister.

But instead of stopping, Maldonaldo said Gavin thought there’s “no turning back” and stabbed Keaira another 52 times.

A 12-year-old who was in the apartment with her siblings told police that she witnessed the slaying and frantically called their mother, who raced home from work while calling 911, according to The Journal-Constitution.

Dunwoody police Sergeant Robert Parsons told WAGA that Keaira was found dead in the apartment complex’s hallway. Moments earlier, a knife-wielding Gavin reportedly entered a nearby convenience store and instructed the clerk to call 911.

“He had a knife, a big knife, a big size. He put it on the counter,” store worker Shehab Faisal told WSB-TV. “He just [asked] me, ‘Can you call the cops?’ I said, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘There’s been an accident.’ He [was] showing me blood on his hands and t-shirt.”

Alarmingly, The Journal-Constitution reported that neighbors said they heard the 15-year-old screaming, “No! Please stop!” Reports also indicated that people witnessed Gavin killing his sister.

Gavin was charged with felony murder, aggravated assault, and cruelty to children. He’s being held without bond.

[Featured Image: Gavin Henderson/DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office; Keaira Henderson/GoFundMe]