Toddler boy dies after being left in hot car on 100-degree day: Cops

Neighbors claimed the 2-year-old had been left in the car a week prior to the deadly incident

An investigation is underway after a 2-year-old California boy died last week after reportedly being left alone in a hot car with the windows up.

According to Patch, police were called to a Sacramento home Saturday afternoon following reports of a child inside a hot car parked across the street from where he lived. Reports indicated that temperatures reached triple digits on the day in question.

Seargent Shaun Hampton with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department told KTXL that bystanders attempted to save the baby and performed CPR with no success. The child was ultimately pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

“And as I got up and walked to the sidewalk, I seen, I guess she was the mother, she was laying out in the middle of the street hollering ‘oh!’ Just hollering and crying,” neighbor Joe Richards told the news station.

“Police trying to grab her and calm her down and she was just running around in circles.”

Alarmingly, a neighbor claimed that the child was left inside the car a week before the deadly incident. That time, residents informed an older brother who got the car keys and retrieved the child.

Neighbors also appeared to believe that other children lived in the home with their single mother and grandmother. They also explained that one of the previous residents had mobility issues, which resulted in locks at the home being lower than usual. This reportedly led to the child repeated escape from the Sacramento home.

“I [have seen him] during the day, you know running out …. coming out the street and running down the street,” Richards commented.

Detectives are currently trying to ascertain how long the 2-year-old was left in the car. While is death is presumably heat-related, officials said the coroner’s office will determine a final cause of death, according to Patch.

The Sacramento boy is the 21st child to die in a hot car this year, according to

No arrests have been made in connection with Saturday’s deadly incident.

[Featured image: KXTL video screenshot]