Police bodycam footage shows scene at squalid home where mom allegedly stabbed 11-year-old daughter over 50 times before trying to burn the house down with children inside

Authorities have released bodycam footage from the horrific scene they found after a mother allgedly stabbed her young daughter multiple times.

39-year-old Taheerah Ahmad is accused of tying up two of her daughters, aged 11 and 9, before stabbing the 11-year-old “50 to 70 times” and hitting her over the head with a pick-axe May 14, KFOR reports, citing a police report.

Taheerah Ahmad, KJRH

A third daughter, 8, was able to help her 9-year-old sister escape the horrifying scene, who was able to flee to a nearby relative’s home for help, according to KFOR.

After she allegedly brutally stabbed her 11-year-old daughter, police say Ahmad set the home ablaze to “further ensure that [11-year-old] was dead,” and fled with her youngest daughter.

Miraculously, despite receiving dozens of stab and puncture wounds, the eldest daughter is doing ‘very well,’ family members told KFOR.

The Tulsa Police Department released bodycam footage last week that shows first responders carrying the 11-year-old on a stretcher as she writhes in pain.

“What happened,” a female police officer can be heard asking.

Another officer responds, “She tried killing her kids, one escaped, went down to the neighbor’s house.”

“She tried to kill her kids?,” the female officer asks.

“Mom tried to kill her kids and burn the house down,” another officer can be heard saying while on a phone call outside.

A woman identifying herself as the children’s aunt tells officers she believes the youngest daughter to be with Ahmad.

“She was saying to them [the other children] that the younger one was an angel,” the woman said. “She would never do anything to her.”

Ahmad allegedly told police after the attack that she was upset “because of the way they [her daughters] were reading and looking at her,” according to authorities.

The little girl who escaped the gruesome scene can be heard in the video telling officers that she was held hostage for a week, adding that her mother withheld food and water from her and her sisters.

Ahmad was discovered in Tulsa accompanied by her youngest daughter the day after the brutal attack. She was subsequently arrested and is behind bars on charges of assault and battery with intent to kill, two counts of child neglect, and one count of first-degree arson. Her bond is set at $320,000 and she is due in court August 7 for a preliminary hearing, according to court records.

[Feature photo, KFOR/screengrab]