DISTURBING VIDEO: Dad swings toddler son ‘like a baseball bat’ during argument with girlfriend, police say

A California man was caught on video allegedly using his 18-month-old son as a human weapon against his girlfriend during an argument.

According to the Press-Enterprise, Riverside police said the child suffered cuts, bruises, and an ear injury as a result of a scuffle that was later posted to Facebook.

The video led police to arrest Techhoak Danny Lim’s on July 5 on suspicion of child endangerment and domestic violence charges. Hours earlier, a home surveillance camera allegedly caught Lim, 27, not only dropping his son but flinging him in an attempt to strike his girlfriend. At one point, the toddler can be seen coming to his feet and walking after his father.

Police described Lim swinging his son “like a baseball bat,” according to KCAL.

“It takes your breath away, and then, there’s anger,” Riverside police Detective Jerilynn Czobakowski said.

One of Lim’s neighbors reportedly posted the unsettling footage to social media and contacted police.

“He reviewed [the footage] and immediately called police,” Czobakowski told the Press-Enterprise. “Thank goodness that resident called police.’

Czobakowski said one officer was so angry after seeing the video that he went to the Riverside neighborhood to find Lim himself.

Lim allegedly admitted to being the person seen in the video and took officers to his injured son. Czobakowski said he shares custody with the boy’s mother and it was his turn to have his son on the day in question. KCAL reported that the 1-year-old is now with his mother.


***WARNING: The video below shows violence. Please use discretion.***

[Featured image: KCAL video screengrab/Riverside Police Department]