WATCH: Actor George Clooney flies ‘about 20 feet’ in the air after motorcycle crash

Actor George Clooney was involved in a traffic accident in Olbia, Sardinia, Italy, on Tuesday when he crashed his motorcycle into a car that took a turn into his lane.

Page Six reports that Clooney smashed into a blue Mercedes after the car’s driver swerved into the actor’s lane in a residential area in near Olbia, at around 7 a.m. on Tuesday morning. The driver, Antonello Viglino, later told authorities the sun had blinded him temporarily and he couldn’t see where he was going.

“I didn’t see anything, I had the sun on my eyes. I was about to turn, I just got over the line.,” Viglino said, according to Daily Mail.

The impact apparently caused Clooney to be thrown around 20 feet in the air. A witness to the incident said Clooney started shouting when someone attempted to take his helmet off.

“Clooney was shouting and when one of his escorts took off his helmet, he seemed unable to move his legs and held his head,” witness Gianni Visciano said.

A surveillance camera in the area caught the incident, which was later published by Italian media outlet, Corriere della Sera. Cooney was taken to the John Paul II hospital in Olbia, where he was reportedly diagnosed with trauma to his knee, hip, and pelvis. He was subsequently released from the hospital within a few hours.

Clooney was reportedly on the way to the set of his television show, the Hulu TV series, “Catch 22,” when the accident occurred. The actor and his wife, along with their children, are spending he summer in Olbia while he completes filming for the show.

[Feature Photo: AP/Mario Chironi]