Unruly councilwoman bites officer’s thumb so hard it breaks bone: Police

A small-town, Kansas councilwoman is capturing national headlines after allegedly biting an officer’s thumb so hard that she broke his bone earlier this month.

The bizarre events began to unfold on June 29, when authorities tried arresting 48-year-old Carol Fowler, of Huron, on a failure to appear warrant. The warrant stems from a December incident when the suspect was charged for being a pedestrian under the influence and interfering with law enforcement, according to ABC 15.

Due to her unwillingness to cooperate with the arrest, officials were forced to use tasers to bring Fowler under control, MSC News reports. Police said the woman hit, kicked, and scratched during the encounter. Two of the officers received superficial injuries but didn’t require medical attention.

On July 2, authorities said as they were attempting to complete Fowler’s booking process from the June 30 arrest, the councilwoman again refused to cooperate. As jail staff began removing her jewelry and other personal items, Atchison County Sheriff Jack Laurie told MSC that Fowler bit a corrections officer on the thumb.

“They had five officers in there and it was a struggle for all of them to get her to comply,” Laurie told the media outlet. “She was able to get a hold of one of the correction officer’s thumbs with her teeth and actually broke the bone in his thumb.”

The jailer’s injury required hospitalization, according to the sheriff, who said the man is back to work but will require “ongoing medical treatment.”

Fowler faces two counts of battery charges on a law enforcement officer stemming from the June 29 altercation, with one of the charges being a felony.

Regarding the July 2 alleged attack, Fowler’s lawyer Jerry Kuckelman told The Kansas City Star that he expects his client will face an additional battery charge.

[Feature Photo: Carol Fowler, Atchison County Sheriff’s Office]