Toddler boy dies after daycare forgets him in hot van for 4 HOURS: Police

Police estimated temperatures inside the van reached 113 degrees

A 3-year-old Texas boy who died in a daycare van Thursday was reportedly left there for nearly four hours after returning from a field trip.

The Houston Chronicle reported that Raymond Pryer died in a van belonging to Discovering Me Academy, which was parked at the Houston business when the boy’s father came to pick him up that afternoon. Pryer was reportedly among a group of 28 children who had returned from a field trip at the park hours earlier.

Authorities said temperatures in the van reached 113 on the day in question. A witness told KTRK that the father exited the daycare in tears and that Pryer appeared “limp” as EMTs tended to him.

Concerningly, Constable Alan Rosen said the toddler was listed as being accounted for following the outing. Now, police are investigating what Rosen said was “gross negligence” on the daycare’s part. So far, a driver and chaperone have been taken in for questioning following Pryer’s death.

The news station also reported that the Houston-based daycare was cited in 2015 for not having their van equipped with an electronic child safety alarm. The alarm typically beeps after the ignition is turned off and is meant for the driver to walk through the bus to disable it in the back.

The daycare was also cited when a driver failed to report a crash in a timely manner and when a driver didn’t know how many children were in their group.

No arrests have been made in connection Pryer’s death. Police said they’ll conclude their investigation before a prosecutor decides whether to file criminal charges.

The Chronicle reported that a sign on the daycare’s front door stated that the facility will remain closed indefinitely.

According to, Pryer is the 26th child this year to die in a hot car.

[Featured image: Raymond Pryer/KTRK video screengrab]