UPDATE: Celebrity plastic surgeon ‘Dr. Bumbum’ arrested following patient’s butt injection death

Police announced they’ve arrested a Brazillian plastic surgeon who was reportedly on the run after conducting a butt enhancement procedure that led to a woman’s death.

Per the BBC, an anonymous tip led police to Dr. Denis Furtado, 45, in Rio de Janiero. Dr. Furtado was wanted on murder charges after one of his patients, Lilian Calixto, 46, died hours after reportedly getting acrylic glass filler injected into her buttocks at his home.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Dr. Furtado reportedly took Calixto to the hospital after she fell ill Saturday night. The mother-of-two had four heart attacks while at the hospital before she died early Sunday. An official cause of death is unavailable at this time.

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The BBC reported that a video posted to social media following Furtado’s arrest on Thursday showed him calling Calixto’s death a “fatal accident” and explaining that he’s performed 9,000 similar procedures which were all legal.

Furtado’s mother and girlfriend were also arrested for allegedly acting as accomplices. According to The Guardian, Furtado’s girlfriend, Renata Fernandes, was a receptionist while Furtado’s mother, Renata Fernandes, was a doctor whose medical license in Rio was suspended at the time. Police are reportedly still looking for a nursing technician who was possibly involved in Calixto’s death.

Records obtained by the outlet revealed that Furtado was licensed to practice in Brasília and Goiás but not in Rio. Moreover, the Brazilian Plastic Surgery Society said Furtado wasn’t a trained plastic surgeon.

Before his arrest, Dr. Furtado’s lawyer claimed her client was innocent and that was on the run due to “panic syndrome.”

“For every truth, there is a parallel truth,” Naiara Baldanza during Wednesday’s press conference, according to The Guardian.

“Many facts have surfaced and I am sure we will show the innocence of Dr Denis.”

[Featured Image: Denis Furtado, Lilian Calixto/Facebook]