Trader Joe’s injured suspect taken into custody: One person killed, small boy reunites with family

The suspect who barricaded himself inside a Los Angeles Trader Joe’s walked out peacefully on Saturday night without incident, after allegedly shooting his grandmother and girlfriend earlier in the day.

CBS Los Angeles reports that after a little over four hours, hostages began walking out of the store and seem to be uninjured. However, police discovered a gravely injured female who was pronounced dead shortly after. Her name has not yet been released. Police reported earlier that the female victim was OK when pulled out of the store, but apparently has succumbed to her injuries.

Authorities stated the victim was shot during the initial moments when the suspect rushed into the store, during the exchange of gunfire between the suspect and officers.

The suspect’s name also hasn’t yet been released. According to police, he had a shotgun wound on his left arm. Earlier reports indicated that the suspect was in his late teens, but authorities confirmed he’s 28 years old.

A young boy, wheeled out in a gurney in the sitting position, hugged and reunited with a family member. Other hostages followed out, waving at local reporters to assure them they were OK.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, the suspect in his late teens barricaded inside the store, is apparently telling police that he’ll start shooting if they try to enter the store. The incident occurred after the suspect led police on a chase starting in South L.A., after he allegedly shot his grandmother and girlfriend.

The suspect apparently crashed his car into the store, opened fire at the officers following him, the rushed inside the store. The suspect’s girlfriend was reportedly inside the car with him.

The suspect reportedly stole his grandmother’s Toyota Camry, which was found at the scene.

Several people climbed out of windows and down ladders to escape, while others ran to a nearby business to hide.

The Los Angeles Mayor reported that the suspect shot his grandmother around seven times before pulling another female into his grandmother’s Camry and fled. As officers pursued him

The story is still developing. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

[Feature Photo: CBS Video Screenshot]