Twin infant boys make miraculous recovery after dad nearly shakes the life out of them: Report

Twin 6-month-old boys in Indiana are recovering from extensive injuries they allegedly sustained months earlier at the hands of their father.

WBND reported that Matthew Willet, 21, not only admitted in April to shaking and squeezing his two sons, Cooper and Jensen, but also confessed to dropping one of the babies on the bed and hitting the other one in the back to calm him down.

According to the South Bend Tribune, Willet admitted to shaking the twins to get them to stop crying.

[Image: Matthew Willet/St. Joseph County Jail]

Three months later, and the mother is now speaking out about the ordeal that nearly killed her two babies.

“Jensen had two brain bleeds, some retinal bleeding, and then he had one broken rib. Cooper had multiple brain bleeds and multiple rib fractures,” Elizabeth Willet recently told the news station. “Cooper had two burr holes and two drains.”

Doctors initially¬†believed Jensen would suffer from vision loss. Fortunately, his retinal bleeding has calmed down to the point that he might need glasses before he turns one. Meanwhile, surgery scars that once covered Cooper’s body are now barely visible.

“People are just having kids way too early when they’re not ready, and they’re not dealing with whatever is going on inside,” the boys’ mother told WBND. “People who do that kind of thing don’t need prison time, they need help.”

The Indiana father remains behind bars, charged with domestic battery causing serious bodily injury for a person less than 14 years old. His next court date is scheduled for July 31.


[Featured image: Cooper and Jensen Willet/WBND video screenshot]