SEE IT: Popeyes shut down after employee films FILTHY conditions in kitchen

A Popeyes in Detroit, Michigan, remains closed days after a video appearing to show filthy, unsanitary conditions in their kitchen went viral.

Shakita Shemere, 20, told The Associated Press that she shot the video after a manager reprimanded her for screaming when she saw a cockroach. Shemere claimed her decision to take to Facebook Live cost her job.

“When I filled out that application, it didn’t say we got roaches, you gotta kill them, you have to step on them,” she told WXYZ, explaining that she had only been working at the restaurant for three weeks. “It didn’t say they had dead flies on the ice.”

The video shows several unsettling things behind the counter, including trash strewn on the floor, open containers housing raw chicken, and dirty bowls and equipment.

The Detroit News reported that the city’s health department ultimately stepped Tuesday afternoon to shut down the Popeyes, citing multiple health risks.

“The location is temporarily closed and the Popeye’s management is cooperating with the Health Department and following all cleaning protocols,” officials said in a statement.

In addition to Shemere, WXYZ revealed that an on-duty manager and team member were also fired in light of the now-viral video.

No fr they dirty ‼️

Posted by Shakita Shemere on Monday, July 23, 2018


[Featured Image: Facebook Live video screengrab]