UPDATE: Parents to face death penalty in case of abused toddler girl who reportedly resembled a ‘Holocaust victim’ when she died

Utah prosecutors will seek the death penalty against two parents who allegedly starved their 3-year-old daughter to death last year and filmed themselves taunting her with food before she died.

In recently filed court papers obtained by The Associated Press, the state filed a notice seeking the death penalty against Odgen parents Miller Costello, 25, and Brenda Emile, 23, who are charged with aggravated murder.

According to Deseret News, police testified that the 3-year-old Angelina resembled a “Holocaust victim” by the time they found her dead at her home last summer. Reports indicated that the toddler died from a culmination of blunt force trauma, burns, starvation, and malnutrition.

Angelina reportedly weighed 13 pounds when she died. AP also reported that the girl had open sores, lacerations, and bruises all over her hands, legs, head, face, and neck. Police revealed that it took a medical examiner four hours to document the toddler’s extensive injuries.

“The child victim’s facial features were also sunken in, void of definition from muscle or fat. Some of the child victim’s injuries appeared recent and acute while other injuries appeared to be in various stages of healing,” a probable cause statement said.

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Videos allegedly taken by the parents before Angelina’s death captured them tormenting the girl and taunting her with food.

One video shot in July 2016 reportedly caught Emile eating from a plate and holding a fork in front of Angelina, asking her, “Do you want to eat?” before pulling the fork away laughing, “I lied!” Another video apparently showed Angelina being forced to feed her two siblings, who appeared healthy.

The pair has pleaded not guilty to aggravated murder charges and are being held without bail.

[Featured Image: Brenda Emile, Miller Costello/Webster Sheriff’s Office]