Terrorist who targeted 5-year-old Prince George reportedly stabbed in prison

An Islamic State apologist who encouraged terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom, including one against 5-year-old Prince George, was reportedly stabbed in prison, Metro reports.

Husnain Rashid gave advice about carrying out terrorist plots using bombs, chemicals, poison and knives.

He also called for putting cyanide in vegetables and fruit at markets, poisoning ice cream and harming World Cup fans in Russia, according to The Guardian. Rashid posted his terrorist ideas on the internet and was known to have communications with an IS fighter in Syria.

This week, the 32-year-old was slashed with a makeshift knife, which reportedly left blood “all over” his cell at the Strangeways Jail in Manchester. Prison authorities are investigating the stabbing that left Rashid with a wound near his right ear.

One source told Metro, “There was blood all over his cell and the landing. Nobody likes him or what he did, like threatening that young royal lad and all the ice cream stuff. We don’t tolerate that kind of thing in Strangeways.”

Rashid began serving a minimum 25-year prison sentence earlier this month after being convicted of terrorist-related crimes. At trial he admitted to three counts of engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts and an additional one count of encouraging terrorism, according to The Guardian.

Prosecutors accused him of posting 360,000 messages since November 2016.

In October, Rashid uploaded an image of the school Prince George attends and overlaid profiles of jihadist fighters, The Guardian reports. He later added the school’s address and wrote: “Even the royal family will not be left alone. School starts early.

[Feature Photo: Husnain Rashid/Greater Manchester Police]