Actress dodges jail sentence by failing to board prison bus

An aspiring New York City actress who was sentenced to weekends in jail outsmarted authorities by dodging her bus rides to Rikers Island.

The New York Post reports that Parisse Daves, 37, of Brooklyn, was sentenced to weekends in jail after depositing $82,950 in forged checks into her personal bank account in 2016. But she reportedly outsmarted authorities by signing in for bus rides to Rikers Island, but failing to get on board.

Parisse Daves, an actress who appeared on six episodes of “Body Jumpers,” a sci-fi series involving aliens, successfully duped the system for two months, according to prosecutors.

Court records obtained by the New York Post show that Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Robert Shull alleged, “The log book shows that Ms. Daves would leave the [Samuel L.] Perry building before being picked up and without being told that she could go.”

Daves was initially offered a term of six months in jail for the check scamming scheme but was then offered a nine month sentence, to be served on weekends, after a letter for leniency was written on her behalf March 31, 2017. The woman claimed she was bettering her life by finding work at MetroPlus, a city health insurance company that provides low-cost to no cost policies for NYC dwellers, while residing with her teenage son.

“Incarceration will undoubtedly cause Ms. Daves to lost her employment and her apartment, and her son will have to move back with his father in Maryland,” her defense attorney Joel Stein wrote in a letter to the court.

While Daves reportedly complied with her sentence to begin with—showing up at the Rose M. Singer Center’s intake facility for female inmates, she allegedly began skipping the stays in December 2018 and continued until March of 2018, according to prosecutors.

Cellphone records show that while Daves should’ve been behind bars, she was instead s. On January 12, she even skipped the sign-in process entirely.

A Department of Corrections spokesman told New York Post that when an inmate fails to report to jail for weekend stays, the court is notified the following business day.

Daves’ attorney claims that his client did indeed report to Rikers at 5 p.m. on five of the weekends, but a correction officer said there were no available cells for her to stay in, and she was subsequently turned away.

However, the assistant district attorney said in court documents that the claims are “patently untrue.”

Daves is being offered a deal of probation along with 400 hours of community service, and will make a decision to accept or reject the offer by August 7.

[Feature photo: Parisse Daves/Facebook]