SEE IT: Caretaker arrested after children found with open sores, lice infestations, in feces-strewn home tells police ‘This is so stupid’

Florida police arrested a woman Tuesday after they say six children in her care were found to be living in deplorable conditions, covered with open sores and infested with lice.

A concerned citizen of the Porter Shores neighborhood, located in Ocala, called authorities after reportedly seeing two young children roaming the streets, disheveled and only partially clothed, News 6 Orlando reports.

Upon arrival, deputies came upon a 2-year-old girl and 4-year-old boy who were found to be “wandering in the road,” the Marion County Sheriff’s Office told the news outlet.

The girl was reportedly naked from the waist down, and authorities “immediately saw that both children were infested with lice and covered with open sores.”

The little girl was found to be the most severely affected, with multiple sores strewn about her face, arms, legs and chest.

As deputies were investigating, four of the children’s older siblings, ranging in ages from 6 to 13 years old, approached the officers on bicycles, according to a police statement posted to Facebook.

The children reportedly told police that they lived in a home down the road, and had been left alone as their guardian, identified as 30-year-old Sara Resko, was working.

When officials subsequently entered the home, they discovered it was absent of edible food, electricity or running water. They described a vile scene including dog feces covering the floor, spoiled food, flies swarming around, and mattresses on the floor with no linens.

Deputies described the conditions as “some of the worst they had ever seen,” and say the older children were also all infested with lice and covered in open sores.

When Roseko finally arrived back at the home after about an hour and a half, police said she attempted to say that she was only gone a few moments before changing her story.

The police report obtained by News 6 Orlando states that officials have been called to the same home under similar circumstances in the past, adding that the Department of Children and Families (DCF) has been involved with the family.

“Are you kidding me?,” Resko can be heard repeatedly asking in apparent shock to arresting officers in the video above.

The woman also appears to be preoccupied with her cell phone, asking officers to “please stop…please let my hands go,” so that she could give a person at the scene the password to her phone.

“This is so stupid,” Resko can be heard saying before being placed in a police car.

DCF responded to the scene and has custody of the children, according to authorities. Resko was arrested on six counts of child neglect charges and is currently behind bars on a $12,000 bond.

[Feature photo: Sarah Resko mugshot, Marion County Sheriff’s Office]