YouTube dad gives kids laxative-laced ice cream in ‘prank’ video: Report


A YouTube spokesperson issued the following statement to CrimeOnline:

“Content that endangers minors is unacceptable to us and we have strict policies prohibiting child endangerment and harmful and dangerous content. We remove content that violates our policies as soon as we’re made aware of it.”



YouTube has reportedly temporarily suspended the channel of a dad with 5 million subscribers after he posted a vlog (video blog) where he allegedly showed himself putting laxative in bowls of ice cream and fed them to his children.

The account in question is CJ So Cool, run by Cordero James Brady. While Brady posts videos showcasing his lavish lifestyle full of mansions and cars, wrote that some of the activities in his family vlogs are being characterized as child abuse.

One video in particular, entitled “Gave The Kids Laxative Prank,” reportedly shows Brady mixing Pedia-Lax into ice cream that he later gives his children. According to, the video also shows the aftermath of the so-called ‘prank’: children crying out and in pain and Brady prying the bathroom door open as the children sat on the toilet.

“Oh my goodness, this boy’s stomach is broken!” the father reportedly quips.

While the laxative video appears to have been the catalyst in Brady’s suspension, the New York Post noted that the channel was also home to disturbing videos that showed Brady cutting his children’s hair, pretending to feed them dog feces, and setting off fireworks in their bedroom as they slept.

Google, YouTube’s parent company, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from CrimeOnline, asking if the suspension would become a permanent ban. The laxative video appears to have been removed from the YouTube channel.

In the video below, Brady appears to trick his wife into thinking that their infant daughter had drowned in the pool. When she frantically runs out the house, Brady is heard saying, “It’s a prank, sucker!”

The caption on the video reads, “Pranked my girlfriend with her daughter drowning in the pool prank this Drowning Baby Prank was epic and deserves 50k likes!”

Brady’s channel boasting 5 million subscribers is monetized, meaning he receives money for views and engagement.

The latest suspension comes days after YouTube terminated DaddyOFive’s alternate account, FamilyOFive. Maryland couple Michael and Heather Martin were convicted of child neglect in September 2017 for videos where they were seen tormenting their five children. Sentenced to probation, Michael also lost custody of two of his children from a previous relationship following their conviction. Despite this, the pair continued to produce similar content under their now-defunct FamilyOFive channel.


[Featured image: YouTube video screengrab]