Naked man caught in stable having sex with miniature pony, police say

An Oklahoma man is facing bestiality and indecent exposure charges after allegedly being caught sexually assaulting a miniature pony.

Police were called to Rogers County Wednesday morning following reports of a man having sex with a pony in a pen. There, a witness told officers that they spotted a man “full nude standing in the field having sex with a pony,” according to an affidavit obtained by Tulsa World.

Before police’s arrival, two other witnesses reportedly caught the naked suspect in the act and began recording him. It was then that the man, identified as Tyler Joseph Schlosser, 29, stopped violating the pony and walked in their direction, the affidavit stated.

“It stretches the imagination,” Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said, according to Tulsa World. “I certainly have sympathy for the homeowners who had to witness it. That literally causes some emotional scars. People laugh about it and everything. I guess you got to deal with it, but I do have sympathy for people who have to witness sick stuff like that.”

According to Newsweek, Schlosser, a married utility worker, was on the clock when he drove 40 miles from home and carried out the vile act.

His step-grandfather told the magazine that Schlosser is “good Christian boy” who was possibly drugged and has no recollection of the illicit encounter.

“I spoke to him and he don’t know anything about what happened,” John Hester said. “Tyler’s not that kind of guy…He’s not the kind of person who would do something like that.”

Hester said Schlosser felt ill immediately having a few sips of soda, leading him to believe it was tampered with.

Walton confirmed to Newsweek that Schlosser’s behavior did suggest he was inebriated. He also revealed that the department has fielded multiple calls from people vouching for Schlosser’s good character.

“By all appearances, this guy was really under the influence of something,” Walton said. “When he saw the mother and her daughter [at the scene] he walked toward them and calling on them, and then he ran away from them.”

Lab tests are reportedly being conducted to ascertain whether any drugs were in Schlosser’s system at the time.

“If there was something put into a beverage for whatever reason—we’re certainly going to listen,” the offeicerWalton told Newsweek. “We’re working with [Schlosser’s] defense attorney on a blood drawing to figure it out.”

[Featured Image: Tyler Schlosser/Rogers County jail]