Stalker uses tomahawk to kill pregnant girlfriend & stomps on her stomach to kill their unborn child

Brock Wall brutally murdered Fabiana Palhares two hours after a court granted her restraining order against him

An Austrailian man who boasted about killing his estranged pregnant girlfriend days before bludgeoning her to death with a tomahawk learned his fate Monday. reported that Brock Wall, 38, was handed two life sentences after pleading guilty for the February 2015 murders of Fabiana Palhares, 34, and their unborn child. Wall broke into Palhares’ Varsity Lakes home and jumped on her stomach so savagely that the soles of his shoes were printed onto her stomach. He then used a tomahawk to nearly beat the life out of her.

Palhares managed to call for help amid the chaos, screaming for help into the phone. Crews rushed the would-be mother to the hospital, but she succumbed to her injuries hours later, according to the outlet.

The Courier-Mail noted that a court had granted Palhares a domestic violence order against Wall two hours before the grisly slaying. In the months leading up to her murder, Wall repeatedly sent Palhares threatening messages, violated a protection order twice, and had stood at Palhares’ bedroom window and had watched her go to sleep.

“I hope you lose the baby, I don’t even know if it’s mine,” Wall said to his girlfriend, telling her to get an abortion.

Palhares, a Brazilian national, had installed CCTV cameras due to the harassment. The camera would catch Wall that fateful day in 2015 coming to her door with a tomahawk in tow, according to

“You stalked her, spied on her, abused her,” Justice Ann Lyons said during sentencing. “You became increasingly irrational, jealous, and angry.”

ABC (Austrailia Broadcasting Corporation) News reported that Wall tried to take his life while in custody and sent a menacing letter to his slain girlfriend’s mother where he gloated about her murder.

“I strangely feel relieved you are dead,” the letter said. “I don’t even care or miss you.”

1 News Now reported that Wall has to serve at least 20 years of his sentence before he’s eligible for parole. He’ll be up for parole in 16 years due to time served.

[Featured Image: Fabiana Palhares/Facebook]