‘Creepy clown’ with a machete & heroin caught making sexual gestures outside Whataburger: Police

A New Mexico man was arrested outside an Albuquerque Whataburger Monday night for allegedly waving a machete at customers and making vulgar gestures outside the eatery—all while wearing a clown mask.

Per KOB-TV, the Whataburger’s manager ousted patron Stephen Ames, 32, after he spent 20 minutes in the bathroom. The manager claimed that Ames brandished the weapon once outside and began banging it against his knee. Police said Ames’ bizarre behavior prompted the manager to lock the restaurant doors.

Ames allegedly proceeded to walk up to cars stopped at a nearby traffic light. Donned in a clown mask, the news station reported that he blew kisses at passengers and even approached a vehicle to write “kill you” on the window.

Ames reportedly told the people in the vehicle, “I will f**k you up” before they could drive off.

Officers who arrived at the scene said they found Ames still in the clown mask and thrusting his hips in a sexual manner in the direction of the restaurant. Police went on to describe the suspect to KOB-TV as  a “creepy clown.”

Though it’s not immediately clear whether Ames was under the influence at the time, the local station reported that officers found a filled heroin needle in his possession.

[Featured image: Stephen Ames/KOB video screengrab]