SHOCK VIDEO: Birthday girl shot dead outside house party celebration; two others murdered

A 24-year-old girl celebrating her birthday was shot and killed by presumed gangsters outside of a house party, and two others were reportedly killed the same night.

The Daily Mail obtained disturbing video of the vicious killing outside of Eliana Ferreira Campos’s birthday party on Saturday night. According to the report, Campos, who is known as “Miss Barbye Marley,” was the first of three victims of a triple homicide believed to be perpetrated by gang members.

Campos had reportedly rented a house for her 24th birthday celebration, and is seen on the black-and-white surveillance video standing outside chatting with friends when what appears to be two men approach the group and attack her. One of them shoots her point blank, and Eliana falls to the ground.


Three suspects have been taken into custody in connection of what police reportedly believe was a gang-related killing between two rival gangs.

One of the suspects, identified as Ray SS, reportedly said that he was not sorry for the murders, according to a Brazilian news report translated by the Daily Mail.

“I’m not sorry at all… because if I do not kill them, they’re the ones who kill me because we’re at war,” the suspect reportedly said.

The circumstances of the additional two homicides are not yet clear, but Ray SS reportedly said that he had hoped to kill more people at the party. 

[Feature image: Daily Mail video screenshot]