Casey Anthony’s mom too sick to appear in foreclosure court: Report

Cindy Anthony, the mother of accused murderer Casey Anthony, reportedly told a Florida court last week that she’ll be unable to testify in her upcoming foreclosure trial because she’s too ill.

Two days before the trial, Cindy’s lawyer presented a doctor’s note which said her client was “unable to testify in court or perform her usual activities until further notice,” according to Radar Online.

Two days later, on August 10, the lawyer filed a motion to stop the trial because the stress has exacerbated her high blood pressure. The tabloid reported that lawyer also claimed that Cindy’s delicate state has prevented him from meeting with her to prepare for the court proceedings.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Cindy and George Anthony have been fighting to save their four bedroom, one bathroom home since last summer. At the time, the pair argued that their lender reneged on a deal which would allow them to obtain a loan modification on the Orlando property.

The home holds extreme interest as some believe that’s where Caylee Anthony died a decade earlier. Casey, Caylee’s mother, was controversially acquitted of the toddler’s murder in 2011.

The news comes months after Cindy and George appeared on A&E to talk about Casey’s parenting and events leading up to Caylee’s death. It was then when Cindy walked off the set following a disagreement with George about their daughter’s past behavior and lies.

[Featured Image: AP]