Driver kills himself during traffic stop—then cops find woman’s battered body in his trunk

A driver fatally shot himself during a traffic stop in Maine last week, before police found a woman’s body in his trunk.

According to The Boson Globe, police have identified the body as belonging to Maddilyn Burgess, 28, of Massachusetts. Burgess’ body was reportedly discovered in Gyrth Rutan’s trunk after a state trooper pulled him over in Gardiner on Thursday for driving erratically.

Police said Rutan, 34, immediately exited the car and fatally shot himself. Upon finding the woman’s body in the trunk, officials said police found evidence of a crime at Rutan’s home in Sturbridge, the newspaper reported.

The Medical Examiner announced that Burgess died from blunt force trauma. NECN reported that Rutan died of a gunshot wound to the head.

A motive, along with how Rutan and Burgess knew one another, remains. Authorities also haven not revealed what was found at Rutan’s home indicating a crime took place there.

In light of the incident, a friend told the Bangor Daily News that Rutan appeared out of it when they met up a week before his death. The friend also mentioned that Rutan was a single father to an 11-year-old daughter.

“He wasn’t looking too great. He was talking about troubles he was having with his finances, with work, with his most recent girlfriend,” the friend said.

“He came up for a few days and said he wanted to go camping but he didn’t end up staying. There was no indication things were as bad as they obviously were.”


[Featured image: Maddilyn Burgess/Facebook]