VIDEO catches Louis Vuitton model chasing rival with knife before murder

A London-based Louis Vuitton model is facing life in prison after he and a friend stabbed a rival model to death amid a disagreement that played out on social media.

Model George Koh and Merse Dikanda, both 24, were convicted of the January 11 murder of GQ model Harry Uzoka, 25. Koh and Uzoka were entangled in a feud after Koh claimed he had sexual relations with Uzoka’s girlfriend, Ruby Campbell, according to the Mirror.

Two weeks before the murder, Paris-based model Annecetta Lafon visited Koh and learned that he was “obsessed” with Uzoka as he boasted about sleeping with his girlfriend. Lafon took this information to Uzoka, which led to a very public spat on social media, the Evening Standard reported. Koh also spread the salacious rumor in Instagram messages, according to the Daily Mail.

Requesting to meet with Koh “face to face,” Uzoka wrote, “Leave my name out of your mouth, it’s that’s simple, I’ve never spoken bad of you in any way, so this is wild.”

Surveillance footage showed Koh, Dikanda, and Jonathan Okigbo, 24, chasing Uzoka through a carpark in Ollgar Close, near Uzoka’s home. Uzoka and roommate Adrian Harper had dumbells on them but the pair fled once realizing the men had knives.

The Mirror reported that the trio cornered Uzoka and stabbed him in the heart before he could get back home. He collapsed and died in front of his home.

“Whatever was going on in Koh’s mind, and you may think you haven’t been told anything like the truth, whatever was going on in his mind was festering into an unhealthy and toxic mix, and that is what the events of 11 January suggest,” the prosecutor said during their closing statement.

Okiboo was cleared of murder charges but convicted of manslaughter. Meanwhile, both Koh and Dikanda were found guilty of murder.

Sentencing is scheduled for September 21.

[Featured Image: CCTV]