Teen horror author who savagely murdered man with Asperger’s syndrome “wanted to kill someone before she was 25”: Report

New details have come to light about two women who savagely tortured and killed a man with Asperger’s syndrome in Australia, the Daily Mail reports.

This past November, 26-year-old Jemma Victoria Lilley and 43-year-old Trudi Lenon were convicted of murdering 18-year-old Aaron Pajich-Sweetman.

According to recent reporting by the Australian news program “Sunday Night,” Lilley grew up fascinated with horror movies and fantasized about murdering someone.

Lilley wrote a book as a teen called “Playzone” about a killer who tortured victims. While her father, Richard Lilley, said he wanted to support his daughter’s creative energies, he said he found her work “a little bit too graphic.”

“A lot of people thought she had a mental problem,” he said.

Jemma Lilley also was obsessed with knives and bought numerous types of blades and related equipment.

Lilley also rented videos from the local video store. Her genre of choice: horror flicks.

“She told me that she wanted to kill someone and that the feeling that she had was getting stronger and stronger,” Manager Angela McKibbin said.

“She didn’t know if she could control it for much longer. And that she wanted to kill someone before she was 25.”

Lilley found a common interest in Lenon, her housemate in Perth, Australia, and they soon identified a victim: Pajich-Sweetman, a friend of Lenon’s son.

Text messages obtained by authorities show the two fueled each other’s sick interests.

“I feel as though I cannot rest until the blood or flesh of a screaming victim is gushing out and pooling on the floor, until all the roads and streets are stained red,” Lilley texted Lenon in June 2016.

“It is definitely time – I am ready, you are ready,” Lenon responded.

Lenon secured the trust of Pajich-Sweetman, who had Asperger’s syndrome, by taking him shopping and then returning to the home she shared with Lilley.

He was later discovered in their backyard under concrete within a week after he was reported missing.

Investigators say Pajich-Sweetman was stabbed repeatedly, had cling wrap around his face and had been garroted.

Lilley and Lenon were sentenced in February to life in prison. Judge Stephen Hall referenced the pair’s sadistic fantasies during the court proceedings.

“The idea of killing another person was something that excited both of you,” Hall said. “You killed for your own pleasure.”