Psychiatric nurse, mom of 2 hangs herself after enduring relentless bullying by coworkers at mental health hospital: Court

A recent inquiry revealed that a nurse at a U.K. mental health hospital who killed herself five months earlier did so following relentless bullying from her colleagues.

According to the BBC, a court learned that coworkers’ at Swansea’s Cefn Coed Hospital made Rhian Collins’s life “very difficult.” So much so, that the mother-of-two reportedly hanged herself in her home in March.

Her colleagues’ alleged comments reportedly compelled the mother to go to the gym four times a day and take pills to control her weight. Relatives reportedly said Collins appeared “run down and exhausted” a month before her death.

The Sun reported that Collins was given the most undesirable night shifts at work, which her family said left her feeling alienated. Her family said she was looking for another job at the time of her death.

Her fiance David Reed said in a statement that Collins had threatened suicide on multiple occasions but that the threats were dismissed as comments made in the heat of an argument. Reed was reportedly the person who found her body when he came to her home to drop off their two children.

Workforce director Hazel Robinson issued a statement to the BBC about the tragedy.

“We would like to make it clear that bullying behavior of any kind is not acceptable,” Robinson said.

“We need to fully understand the issues raised during the inquest into her tragic death, and invite her family to meet with us as soon as they can to explore these further.”


[Featured image: Rhian Collins/Facebook]