Homeless Good Samaritan who bought gas for stranded driver is living on the streets again; fears couple he helped SPENT $200K in GoFundMe donations

A Philadelphia man who grabbed international headlines last year when he used his last $20 to help a stranded motorist said he’s homeless again—and the woman he helped, along with her boyfriend, and are possibly spending the $400,000 they raised on his behalf on their own indulgences.

Kate McClure, 28, and boyfriend Mark D’Amico, 39, told The Philadelphia Inquirer that, in helping him, they’ve spent or given Johnny Bobbitt, 35, half of the large sum and they’re holding about $200,000 of the remaining balance. However, Bobbitt, a veteran, revealed he’s on the streets, drug addicted, and fears the couple has blown through all the money raised for him.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, McClure became stranded on an exit ramp on I-95 last October after her car ran out of gas. Bobbitt reportedly spotted McClure walking to the gas station and instructed her to get back in her vehicle and said he get gas for her.

McClure wrote on the GoFundMe page that the ex-Marine and paramedic used his last $20 to get her gas and asked for nothing in return. At the time, the grateful couple told The Inquirer that they would manage the donated money and it would be used to provide Bobbitt with an apartment, food, clothing, a cell phone, and transportation.

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The heartwarming holiday story has devolved into accusations of misappropriation and fraud. Bobbitt now questions how McClure, a receptionist for New Jersey Department of Transportation, managed to get a new BMW and fund trips to California, Florida, and Las Vegas—which he said included a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon. He also suspects D’Amico, a carpenter, spent some of the money gambling, according to the newspaper.

Bobbitt also denies that McClure and D’Amico have spent anywhere near $200,000 on his care.

The couple told The Inquirer that they used their own money to purchase the BMW. D’Amico reportedly admitted to using $500 of the GoFundMe money at the casino one night because he didn’t have his casino card. However, he claimed the immediately put the money back into the fund with his winnings.

The couple alleged that Bobbitt has a drug issue and spent the $25,000 they gave him in two weeks. They also accused Bobbitt of stealing some of their items to afford drugs. Bobbitt did admit to swiftly spending the $25,000, but says he sent it to family and friends—and used some of it on drugs. He explained that he typically spends $15 a day on opiates or Suboxone, a prescription drug which treats addiction.

With a legal battle looming, D’Amico went on to say that he’s never going to turn over the money to someone with a substance abuse issue, which he claims Bobbitt has.

“Giving him all that money, it’s never going to happen. I’ll burn it in front of him,” he told the newspaper.

Despite D’Amico’s claims, GoFundMe spokesman Bartlett Jackson told The Inquirer that they’re “looking into” the issue and will be working with all parties in hopes of reaching a resolution.

[Featured Image: Johnny Bobbitt Jr. and Kate McClure/GoFundMe]