‘Stop f**king filming and help me!’: Security guard fired for allegedly recording officer as he struggled to arrest suspect [VIDEO]

A Texas security guard is out of a job after she reportedly recorded a police officer as he struggled to arrest a teen suspect possibly involved in an earlier shooting.

According to KHOU, Houston Police Officer’s Union President Joe Gamaldi announced the unnamed security guard’s firing. calling her alleged actions “disgraceful.”

“She was completely oblivious to everything that was going on there,” he told “Inside Edition.”

“As a security guard you go through training, you wear a uniform, you wear a badge, she should absolutely be ashamed that she didn’t even call 911,” Gamaldi said.

KHOU reported that officers pulled Davon Miller, 17, over on Rankin Road Monday evening. Miller was wanted in connection with a shooting when he allegedly began resisting as the arresting officer tried to put him in handcuffs.

Houston police alleged that Miller had reached for the officer’s holster, leading the officer to push his hand away.

Footage caught a bystander at a nearby gas station telling Miller to “stop resisting” and “it’s not worth your life.” Meanwhile, Miller is seen fighting the officer and grabbing his face—all while the security guard records behind them.

The security guard, who reportedly exited a car behind the police cruiser, is seen circling the chaotic scene with her cell phone in tow.

‘Stop f*****g filming and help me!’  the officer is heard saying to the guard.

A civilian ultimately helped the officer take the teen into custody. Someone else had recorded the encounter and posted it on Facebook, leading to the security guard’s arrest.

He had a pistol in his car that his girlfriend actually wrapped in a towel and threw it in the bushes while our officer [was] fighting with him,” Gamaldi revealed, according to the Daily Mail.

Miller was charged with disarming a police officer and is facing an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge. Following public outrage, KHOU reported that a judge increased his bond from $1,000 to $50,000.

[Featured Image: Facebook video screengrab]