Former cop accused of sexually assaulting the same underage girl repeatedly

Authorities in Georgia have arrested a former law enforcement officer on suspicion of repeated sexual assault against a girl.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, 24-year-old Jeffrey Allen Allmond Jr. had been employed with the Richmond Hill Police Department prior to his arrest just over a year after he joined the force.

As of the latest reports available, he was on administrative leave, which began on August 22. He is expected to face criminal charges including aggravated child molestation and aggravated sexual battery.

He is expected to face charges related to a state-level investigation that found he “engaged in inappropriate sexual acts with an underage female on multiple occasions.”

Local reporters noted a disturbing trend among law enforcement in the state, including a case from East Point in which a former police sergeant is accused of holding a teen on suspicion of a curfew violation before sexually assaulting her at an area apartment complex.

The suspect in that case, Richard Gooddine, is further accused of stalking both his victim and her mother when they went to a hospital for an examination after the alleged assault.

He had been linked to previous claims of sexual misconduct and a total of 15 arrest warrants were still active against him as of the latest police reports.

Georgia Bureau of Investigations special agent John Durden said it does not appear the alleged abuse occurred while the suspect was in uniform, as reported by WJCL.

“From all indications, he did it all off duty,” he said.

Following his arrest, Allmond was booked into Bryan County Jail without bond.

[Featured image: Jeffrey Allen Allmond, Bryan County Sheriff’s Office]