WATCH: Austin bomber blows himself up as police close in

Dramatic video of the Austin bomber blowing himself up was made public this week, five months after the assailant terrorized the Texas city and left multiple victims dead and wounded.

The New York Post reports that law enforcement released footage on Friday captured by cameras on a Texas Department of Safety helicopter.

“Vans made contact with him,” a man says in the video as two police vans block a vehicle suspect Mark Conditt is driving.

As SWAT team members bolt out of the vans and surround Conditt, his vehicle erupts in a burst of flames.

“Got an explosion. Got an explosion inside the vehicle,” the man in the video says.

The blast killed Conditt, 23, and capped the end of his alarming assault on the city in which he murdered two people and severely injured four others. Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said his department intends to release more video after a grand jury has finished examining the case.

Manley commended the officers shown in the footage.

“The video that was released highlights what the men and women of law enforcement are willing to do,” he said. “Willing not only to live a life of service and serve the community, but willing to take the risks and take down the man who had been terrorizing our community for about a month.”

Investigators have obtained cellphone video from Conditt in which he reportedly confesses to the crimes. Manley described the video as an “outcry of a very challenged young man,” but a motive has not yet been publicly released.

Conditt “does not at all mention anything about terrorism, nor does he mention anything about hate,” Manley said.

Conditt reportedly said he would kill himself using a bomb in a McDonald’s if police ever tried to arrest him.

CBS News obtained a clip of Conditt’s confession in March in which he refers to himself as a “psychopath.”

“I wish I were sorry, but I am not,” he said.

[Feature Photo: Texas Department of Safety]