AMBER Alert: Toddler boy missing after mom accepts ride from stranger who knocks her out and leaves her in park

Police in Florida have released a sketch of the man who they believe has a 2-year-old boy who was last seen in the Largo area Saturday night.

According to WFLA, an AMBER Alert has been issued for Jordan Belliveau, who police said is “endangered” after vanishing from Lake Avenue and East Bay Drive in Largo. Authorities believe the boy might be with a man traveling in a white Toyota Camry with a white grill and dark tinted windows.

The toddler’s reportedly mother told police that they were walking around at around 9:30 p.m. Saturday when a man in a car offered them a ride. The mother said she accepted and, as she and her son were in car, the unknown man punched her in the head and knocked her unconscious, according to the news station.

The woman allegedly told police that she came to at 1 a.m.—four hours later—in a wooded area of Largo’s Central Park and her son was nowhere to be found. She also claimed she didn’t know anything about the man except that he called himself Antwan.

The missing boy’s great-grandmother, Lorie Moore, told WRAL that she’s suspicious of the mother’s story. However, WFLA reported that both of Belliveau’s parents are cooperating with police and that video supports that she was in Largo’s Central Park.

Police have described Belliveau as being 2 feet and 6 inches tall, weighing about 30 pounds, and having short brown hair and brown eyes. He was reportedly last seen wearing a blue shirt with the number “72” on it, blue gym shorts, and black and white Nike sneakers.

According to WFLA, police said the unknown suspect, who may go by the Antwan, is 26-years-old, has brown dreadlocks, gold teeth, brown eyes, and was spotted wearing black basketball shorts with an “AMD1” logo and a white tank top.

This is an ongoing investigation. Anyone with information regarding Jordan Belliveau’s whereabouts can call the Largo Police Department at 727-587-6730.

[Featured image: Jordan Belliveau/Florida Department of Law Enforcement; Largo Police Department]