SEE IT: Mom dunks screaming toddler son’s head in toilet while older child films it

A Florida mother said she’s receiving death threats after a video where she’s apparently seen dunking her 3-year-old son’s head in a toilet went viral.

While Kaitlyn Wolf told WESH that the disturbing stunt was a “joke,” both the Leesburg Police Department and the state of Florida are investigating the matter. While the child can be heard screaming in the video, Wolf claims he was laughing.

“His face didn’t get wet. It’s not a dirty toilet. He wasn’t being tortured in any way,” Wolf said.

In the video, Wolf pulled her son’s arms back and dunked his head into to the toilet. Near the end of the video, another child said, “God, that’s mean.”

Though the video went viral on Facebook, Wolf told WFTV that the footage was sent to the boy’s babysitter, who sent it to her boyfriend’s ex, who put it on social media. She claimed the video is being taken out of context by people who are sending her graphic death threats.

“Everybody just stop Facebooking me and telling me you want me to die,” the mother requested. “I get it.”

Wolf said she and her two sons play “rough” and that her older son recorded the so-called toilet prank. She also claimed her son wasn’t harmed by the ordeal and he was never in danger, according to the station.

While Wolf maintains it was a harmless joke, Leesburg police issued the following statement in light of all the reports they received about the video:

“Leesburg Police has received many calls and posts about a recently shared video on Facebook, showing a woman holding her son’s head over a toilet. The incident is already currently under investigation by the Department of Children and Families. Leesburg detectives will be coordinating with DCF on the investigation and forwarding all investigative findings to the State Attorney’s Office, who will review the case and determine if any criminal charges are warranted.”


[Feature Image: Facebook screenshot]