‘Mama went bye-bye’: Mom leaves tot son in hot car for 45 MINUTES while she smokes weed, police say

A Georgia mother is facing criminal charges for allegedly leaving her 2-year-old son in a hot car for 45 minutes while she smoked marijuana inside an apartment.

According to The Newman Times-Herald, police responded to the parking lot of Jackson’s Landing Apartments on Friday after a caller reported that a child had been left in a hot car for 45 minutes. Officers removed the child from the unlocked vehicle, which was on but reportedly had no air conditioning and had its windows up.

The Atlanta Journal-Consitution reported that the toddler was sweaty, hot to the touch, and screaming “mama went bye-bye.” The boy had a heart rate of 114 beats per minute and his temperature was 98.7 degrees, police said.

Tristen Shayne Formby, 22, allegedly arrived at the parking lot 15 minutes later with a large picture frame in tow. She reportedly claimed she was visiting a friend, picking up pictures, and didn’t realize how long she had been gone.

The Herald reported that Formby said she left her son in the car because he was asleep and she didn’t want to wake him. She also claimed she thought the air conditioner was on, according to police.

“We tried to call you and the phone was inside (the car),” an officer informed Formby, according to WSB-TV. “At least 41 minutes of you not being out here. You understand the seriousness here?”

Upon her arrest, officers reportedly spotted a bulge in Formby’s front pocket. Police alleged she presented a bag containing drugs and admitted to smoking “a lot” of marijuana.

The toddler, who was treated at the scene, was given to his father. Meanwhile, Formby was charged with child cruelty and marijuana possession. She remains jailed on $7,500 bond.

[Featured Image: Tristen Shayne Formby/Coweta County Sheriff’s Office]