Girlfriend dies months after boyfriend allgedly cracks her skull with hammer, burns her alive with turpentine

A New York City woman has died three months after sustaining burns to 90 percent of her body when her boyfriend allegedly used turpentine to light her on fire.

Alicia Avery, 32, remained hospitalized since the June 12 attack that reportedly left her with extensive burns and a cracked skull. The woman’s boyfriend, Larry McGloster, 26, was arrested later the same day.

Avery’s onetime boyfriend Eddie Williams, 35, told the New York Daily News that Avery died September 6 after suffering a series of setbacks in her recovery.

“The skin grafts weren’t working. Her body was rejecting them,” Williams said. “Then she got an infection and they had to amputate her arm.”

The New York Post reported that prosecutors believe McGloster carried out the horrific assault at his mother’s Harlem apartment. McGloster allegedly bludgeoned Avery with a hammer before soaking her in an accelerant and lighting her ablaze.

Avery reportedly managed to make it to the hallway and scream for help. A neighbor told WPIX that Avery was still on fire when she knocked on her door and collapsed.

“She was in a fetal position,” Bonnie Chapman said, adding that she put out the fire with a sheet and called 911.

During her hospitalization, Williams said Avery would ask doctors to decrease the strength of her medication so she could speak lucidly.

“She knew everything. She wanted revenge,” he told the local newspaper.

McGloster remains jailed on charges of attempted murder, assault, and arson. He’s expected to face murder charges following Avery’s death.

He’s scheduled to appear in court on October 11.


[Featured image: Larry McGloster/NYPD]