WARNING: Mom reportedly finds glass shards in daughter’s store-bought burrito

A California mother is warning others after reportedly finding glass in a beef and bean burrito that her daughter ate.

Tracey Brintle told KNSD that she purchased Tina’s Beef and Bean Burrito from a 99ȼ Only Stores in Santee two weeks earlier. She said she gave the burrito to her daughter, Kayla, and heard a crunching noise as she ate it.

“And I saw what’s left on her plate and I saw that there was glass,” Brintle recalled.

The mother reportedly took her daughter to the emergency room, where she was found to be okay. Afterward, she said she reached out to the two 99ȼ Only Stores in Santee in addition to the company that makes the burrito.

According to KNSD, a representative from Tina’s Brand Burritos said they would send the mother a box to send the burrito back to the company so they can test it. As of Friday, the box hadn’t arrived but the company reportedly called the mother to assure her that it was in transit.

While it’s unclear how glass shards made their way into the burrito, Brintle said she’s worried that other people might be at risk as she waits for the company to conduct their testing.

“I’m sure that batch is still available in stores because I only bought it in the middle of August,” Brintle told the news station.

“And it needs to be pulled off the shelves.”

According to their website, Tina’s Brand Burritos are sold at grocery giants all over the country. In light of the incident, the 99ȼ Only Stores in Santee told KNSD that they’ve pulled the item from their shelves.

Meanwhile, Tina’s Brand Burritos has declined to publically comment on the ordeal.

[Featured Image: KNSD video screengrab]