Boyfriend mired in $400k GoFundMe scam arrested on open traffic warrant

The New Jersey man accused of spending away homeless man Johnny Bobbitt’s $400,000 GoFundMe donation was reportedly arrested Monday night for an unpaid traffic ticket.

WCAU reported that Mark D’Amico, 39, was taken into custody in Burlington County in connection with an October 2017 traffic stop during which he was found to driving with a broken tail light and on a suspended license. He also failed to appear in court on two occasions.

The news comes as attorney Ernest Badway revealed that his firm no longer represents Kate McClure, 28, and D’Amico and that the pair will likely be indicted. Last week, investigators were spotted seizing items from the couple’s Bordentown home.

D’Amico was also seen at the home but wasn’t taken into custody at that time.

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“If Mr. D’Amico is found to have a warrant for his arrest and our officers are in contact with him, he will be taken into custody for the warrant, Florence Police Chief Brian Boldizar told The Philadelphia Inquirer last week.

According to WPVI, Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina confirmed the criminal investigation and claimed there was “enormous” public interest in this case.

While Bobbitt sued the couple for allegedly mishandling his funds, his legal team and GoFundMe revealed that the crowdfunding site will be giving Bobbitt the full $400,000 raised for him last year.

Reports indicated that D’Amico remains jailed on $500 bail.

[Featured image: GoFundMe]