Teacher LOSES VIRGINITY to student, 15, says she loves him ‘with all of her heart’: Report

A former middle school employee was arrested Wednesday for allegedly having sex with—and losing her virginity to—a 15-year-old male student who police said she claimed to “love with all of her heart.”

Hannah Siboyeh, 24, a former paraprofessional at Labay Middle School in Houston, is charged with “sexual assault of a child and improper relationship between educator and student,” the Houston Chronicle reports.

Investigators said she confessed to having an illicit relationship with the child, which she reportedly said involved “one mistake after another.”

“She admitted that she loved [the boy] with all of her heart,” court documents obtained by the newspaper stated.

Siboyeh allegedly told officials that she lost her virginity to the teen during the summer of 2017, adding that different sexual encounters took place at his home, as well as in a park and at a hotel.

Court documents reveal officials learned of the relationship through the middle school’s assistant principal, Kathryn Robinson, in April 2018. Police said an anonymous tipster told Robinson about the inappropriate relationship between the suspected pedophile and teenage boy.

Authorities said the informant spoke of witnessing Siboyeh lying in bed with the boy at his home, adding that “weird noises” could be heard coming from a room at the house. Other witnesses also came forward to confirm the alleged “boyfriend and girlfriend” type of relationship, according to charging documents.

Further, investigators said they uncovered illicit photos of the woman and victim from Siboyeh’s phone, along with a video of them having sex, KPRC reports.

Siboyeh, who the school district said first worked as a substitute teacher in 2014 and later as a paraprofessional, was booked into jail last week but has since posted $10,000 bail. As a condition of her bond, she is required to stay more than than 200 feet away from any child care facility, school, or home where the student resides, court documents state.

If convicted of both charges, Siboyeh faces up to 17 years in prison. Her attorney alleged the boy’s family didn’t want charges filed against the suspect, according to KIAH.

Siboyeh’s next court date is scheduled for November 11.

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[Feature Photo: Hannah Siboyeh/Harris County Sheriff’s Office]