SEE IT: Clerk reportedly on life support after teens walk over his body & rob store as he suffers a heart attack

A gas station clerk in Washington is reportedly on life support days after a group of teens allegedly robbed the store and left him to die as he suffered a heart attack.

According to KOMO News, surveillance cameras show Zarif Kelada, 34, collapsing moments after confronting the teens for eating pepperoni sticks without paying. Police said one of the teens gave Kelada a dollar, causing him to get upset and walk around the counter to confront them.

Instead of calling for help, police said the teens stepped over the ailing clerk, took some store items, and stole cash out of the register. It was several minutes later when another customer entered the store and called 911, according to WCPQ.

The store manager, Angela Sharapova, said the group stole cigarettes and $178 from the register Saturday evening.

Auburn police said they know the identities of the teens, ages 13 and 17, but haven’t been able to track them down. Police noted that the man seen in the video had no involvement in the incident and is cooperating with their investigation.

A police spokesperson told The Washington Post that the teens could face criminal charges, including theft, burglary, and failing to render assistance to someone in need.

[Featured Image: Auburn Police Department]