Botham Jean: Family says man fatally shot by officer ‘never’ left apartment door unlocked

The sister of a Texas man shot and killed by an officer in his apartment last week said her brother never left his door unlocked—contradicting comments the officer reportedly made to police.

Allisa Jean, the sister of Botham Jean, 26, told CBS News Wednesday that it’s highly unlikely that her brother was in the dark and had his door opened the night Amber Guyger opened fire, killing him.

“To hear that his door was open, he would never—and have the lights off—he would never do that,” she said. “He was like me. He does not like the dark.”

Alisa went on to mention that Botham had a red carpet at his front door to distinguish his apartment from others. CBS News reported that he will be laid to rest today, a week after the fatal shooting.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Guyger told police that she had finished a 15-hour shift when she parked her car on the fourth floor instead of the third floor where she lived. She reportedly claimed the door was slightly open when she placed the key with an electronic chip into the keyhole, causing the door to open further.

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An affidavit stated that Guyger told police that she believed her apartment was being burglarized and that she gave a “large silhouette” verbal commands before she opened fire, wounding Botham in the torso. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

However, an attorney for the slain man’s family said he’s been in touch with two witnesses who are disputing the officer’s story.

According to The Dallas Morning News, one witness heard Guyger say, “Let me in. Let me in,” before entering Botham’s apartment. Another witness heard Botham say, “Oh my God. Why did you do that,” moments after gunfire erupted, the lawyer claimed.

The family also recently took the opportunity to debunk one of the largest Internet rumors surrounding this controversial case: That Botham had a romantic relationship with Guyger. The family told CBS that the pair didn’t have a romantic relationship as they didn’t even know one another.

Guyger is currently facing manslaughter charges. She remains free after posting $300,000 bond.

[Featured Image: Botham Jean/Facebook; Amber Guyger/Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office]