Fake Uber driver tries to abduct woman, follows her to front door: Police

Police in California said they had put a man in a body wrap after he was caught masquerading as an Uber driver and attemping to follow a woman into a home.

Officers responded to the Chula Vista neighborhood at around 7:30 a.m. Sunday after the female victim called 911. KSWB reported that the woman claimed a man approached her and said her was her Uber driver. When she said she didn’t call for an Uber, police said the suspect followed the woman to her front door but she managed to keep him out her home.

Arriving officers reportedly found the man near the woman’s home. Police said he instantly became combative and refused to comply with their commands.

“We had to physically subdue him and place him in a maximum restraint wrap for his safety,” a police sergeant told KGTV.

Several officers reportedly suffered minor scratches during Sunday’s scuffle. The man, who authorities haven’t publically identified, was also hospitalized for scratches and was brought into custody following his release.

The woman’s daughter-in-law told KGTV that her mother was unharmed.

[Featured image: KSWB video screengrab]