‘Countdown to Capture’ podcast traces the hunt for millionaire murder suspect accused of killing his wife — and police want your help

California authorities are taking an unusual approach to capturing a wealthy murder suspect they believe killed his wife—but then disappeared in 2015 while out on bond.

As the Los Angeles Times reported, Newport Beach police announced on Wednesday the release of a true-crime podcast detailing the allegations against Peter Chadwick, 54, a millionaire accused of killing his wife, 46-year-old Quee Choo “QC” Chadwick.The first episode of the six-part podcast became available for listeners yesterday.

The show, titled “Countdown to Capture,” is set to run over a two-week period, with officials hopeful that by spreading awareness about the case, that someone will hear and aid in bringing Chadwick to justice.

“Peter could be anywhere in the world,” Newport Beach Police Chief Jon Lewis stated at a press conference Wednesday.

“He’s got the financial means to avoid the restrictions placed on his travel and he’s taken every opportunity to hide his tracks. We want to spread his picture and the story of his crimes far and wide. We want everyone to be looking for Peter Chadwick.”

Detectives believe Chadwick killed his wife in 2012, before disappearing while free on bond in 2015.

As detailed in the first episode of “Countdown to Capture,” the husband and wife, who had three sons together, mysteriously vanished from their upscale home in a picturesque neighborhood of Newport Beach.

The day after the couple was thought to have disappeared, Chadwick reportedly called 911 from a San Diego gas station, claiming that QC had been killed by a handyman, who then kidnapped him and took his wife’s body.

Chadwick led them to a garbage bin in San Diego County—where QC’s strangled body had been dumped, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Chadwick was subsequently arrested on murder charges, but posted $2 million bail before disappearing. He pleaded not guilty at his arraignment.

“Countdown to Capture,” which was written and produced by the Newport Beach Police Department, can be heard on a website dedicated to the case—complete with crime-scene photos and transcripts of the episodes.

Authorities are also offering a new reward of up to $100,000 for information leading to the suspect’s apprehension.

Anyone with information about Peter Chadwick or his whereabouts is urged to call the Newport Beach Police Department at 1-800-550-NBPD (6273). You may also email tips@nbpd.org. Messages on the tip line may be left anonymously.

[Feature Photo: Peter Chadwick/Newport Beach Police Department]