Wife who admitted to affair with husband’s relative on ‘Divorce Court’ arrested after teen boy says he possibly fathered her newborn

A Florida woman who admitted to having an affair with her husband’s relative on the television show “Divorce Court” was arrested Thursday after a 15-year-old boy told police that he possibly fathered her newborn baby.

According to The Tampa Bay Times, Shadow Nicole Lantry, 26, is facing lewd and lascivious battery charges for having sex with the boy at three locations multiple times between February and August 2017. Lantry and her husband appeared on “Divorce Court” on September 11, where she admitted to having “fidelity issues” with her husband of two years.

Shadow claimed she cheated on her 23-year-old husband, Joseph, throughout their marriage to “escape” from any sort of anger or pain she was feeling. She went on to accuse her husband of spending too much time at work and alienating her.

“I’ve been known to do some outlandish things when I’m upset because I don’t think clearly. But when him and I argue I just…sometimes I lose it and I…don’t really realize what I’m doing until after it’s done,” Shadow said, explaining her “compulsive” cheating.

Ironically, “Divorce Court” Judge Lynn Toler mentioned in passing that Joseph was “just a baby” when they got together. It came to light during the show that Joseph had been with Shadow since he was 14 years old.

The couple appeared on the show to clear up a paternity issue concerning Shadow’s 6-month-old baby. The husband claimed he woke up to find his wife wasn’t home, leading him to go to a beach where she reportedly had an affair with another woman.

Joseph claimed he found Shadow there in a car with one of his family members. Weeks later, Shadow found out she was pregnant, he said.

It was during the television appearance when Joseph learned he wasn’t the father of their youngest child. Pasco County police said Shadow denied that the teen fathered her child and has refused to take a DNA test.

The mother-of-three is currently jailed on a $30,000 bond.

[Featured Image: Shadow and Joseph Lantry on “Divorce Court”/Youtube video screengrab]