SEE IT: Video shows pizza shop employee allegedly SPIT in customer’s food

A Michigan pizza shop employee was arrested after a video shared on social media Saturday showed him appearing to spit into customers’ food.

According to Fox News, Jaylon Kerley, 21, also lost his job at Detroit Comerica Park for Friday’s recorded incident that went viral on Instagram.

Quinelle May, a coworker who uploaded the disturbing footage, claimed in the video’s comments that Kerley spat in the food because the “supervisor kept yelling at him all day.” He also told WXYZ that Kerley claimed it wasn’t the first time he had done this.

The video appears to show Kerley spitting onto a pizza before mixing his saliva with sauce.

May claimed that he tried to alert his managers of the unsettling footage but was instructed to “shut up.” May said his managers also sent him home from work and threatened him with prosecution if he didn’t delete the footage.

Detroit Sportservice, the company which provides food to the ballpark, said in a statement to WXYZ that May hasn’t been fired but was suspended for an “unrelated uniform violation.” They said that May was sent home Friday before they knew of the video.

The company went on to deny allegations that any superior told May to take the video down.

“As soon as we became aware through social media of potential food tampering Friday night, we immediately closed that food stand and disposed of all the product. Food safety is our top priority and we will take any appropriate action necessary to protect our guests,” Detroit Sportservice said.

The Smoking Gun reported that the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office is reviewing a warrant and preparing charges in regards to food tampering. The prosecutor’s spokesperson recently told the outlet that a decision will be made “in time for morning arraignments.”

[Featured image: Instagram video screengrab]