Tot boy dies after ‘dad’ & evil ‘stepmom’ place him in inescapable makeshift cage: Police

A Michigan couple was arrested on murder charges in connection with the death of a 2-year-old boy, who authorities say was found dead inside of a “makeshift cage” on March 12.

Matthew James Luke and Jamie Lynn Starr, both 34 years old, of Wayne, were charged with second-degree murder on Saturday in the death of Devin Luke Bisesi, who emergency responders found unresponsive upon arrival, WDIV reports.

Prosecutors identified Luke as the father of the victim, and Starr as the stepmother.

Officials allege that about 16 hours before officials discovered the boy, Devin was placed in a pack ‘n play contraption with a toy chest placed on top of it—making it a “makeshift cage” that the boy wouldn’t be able to escape.

“Devin Luke Bisesi was sitting up with his legs straight and his arms a little in the air,” a Child Protective Services report obtained by WDIV states. “Devin Luke Bisesi was not breathing.”

The report indicates that the tot’s neck became trapped between the pack ‘n play and the chest, leading to asphyxiation that led to his death.

According to WXYZ, police said the suspects later removed the little boy’s body from the apparatus before cleaning up their apartment and then calling police.

“My honest reaction is relieved that justice is coming, but also very mixed emotions for my ex-husband,” Jessica Bisesi, Devin’s mother, told WDIV. “He is my child’s dad and I know that he did love Devin.”

The suspected murderers were arraigned in court on Friday, with not-guilty pleas entered for each party. They are currently behind bars without bond.

This is a developing story. CrimeOnline will provide further updates as information becomes available.

[Feature photo: Matthew James Luke and Jamie Lynn Starr/Police Handout]