‘One word has obscured all the evidence’: Nancy Grace weighs in on retrial of Quinton Tellis, accused of burning Jessica Chambers alive

CrimeOnline’s own Nancy Grace has weighed in on the retrial of the man accused of burning 19-year-old Jessica Chambers alive in Courtland, Mississippi, in 2014.

Quinton Tellis is facing a jury for the second time this week after last year’s proceedings ended in a mistrial after a jury couldn’t agree on a decision. At this second murder trial, Tellis’s defense lawyers are expected to once again emphasize the testimony of first responders who heard Jessica say another man’s name in the final moments of her life.

Nancy Grace appeared on DailyMailTV to talk about the long struggle to find justice for Jessica Chambers. When asked why she believes Tellis was not convicted the first time, Nancy said, “Jessica was asked by EMTs who did this thing, and she could hardly enunciate.”

Indeed, a speech pathologist testified Tuesday at the murder trial that Jessica’s tongue and mouth were so badly burned it likely would have been impossible for her to pronounce words correctly and audibly.

Referring to the notorious black glove defense at O.J. Simpson’s double murder trial, Nancy said:

That glove debacle obscured all the evidence. This one word — Eric — has obscured all the evidence that leads to Tellis as the killer.

Testimony will continue tomorrow at the Jessica Chambers murder trial in Mississippi.