Chris Watts shocked to learn that Shanann Watts murder case is well-known; frustrated that people think he’s a ‘monster’: Report

“He feels like no one understands him”

Family murder suspect Chris Watts was reportedly surprised to learn that the murder case involving his wife and two young daughters has become a major national news story, and was angered by the media’s portrayal of him.

People magazine spoke to an unidentified source who has had contact with Chris Watts as he is in custody at the Weld County Jail following his arrest for the murder of his pregnant wife Shanann and his young daughters of Bella and Celeste. According to the source’s account, Chris Watts has been dismayed to learn that he has been cast as a villain in the public eye. 

“Watts has said he feels the public doesn’t know the full story,” the source told People.

“He feels like no one understands him, and nobody knows what happened … He thinks if they did understand, they’d realize that he’s not the monster everyone says he is.”

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Chris Watts has been placed on solitary confinement and is restricted to his jail cell 23 hours a day. He has access to a local newspaper, and permission to use the phone during the hour outside of his cell. Until recently, reports indicated that Watts had very little interaction with anyone in or outside the jail, beyond somewhat regular conversations with his guards.

It is not known how or when Watts became aware of his heightened public profile.

“He’s very frustrated,” the source told People. “He didn’t know that everyone knows about this case.”