Video shows bodybuilder viciously assaulting girlfriend, stabbing her with knives in 40-MINUTE ATTACK: DA

*WARNING: Graphic Video*

A Michigan bodybuilder is charged with assault with intent to kill after prosecutors accused him of attacking his girlfriend in July so violently that she ended up in a coma. The vicious assault was reportedly caught on home surveillance video.

The video begins by showing 35-year-old Paul Bashi in his Washington Township home alone, looking through his live-in girlfriend’s cellphone, according to footage obtained by Fox2.

“He is in fact looking through her phone,” said Macomb County Prosecutor Investigator Pam Mclean. “You will see where he is looking at her phone and then Christina comes through the front door.”

The woman, identified only by her first name, then walked into the home and was seemingly attacked instantly.

“He comes back multiple times with multiple knives,” Mclean said. “The attack is much too graphic at times to show…..He’s got the knife in his hand there. He’s stabbing her multiple times.”

Bashi continued the brutal attack on Christina, 23, for 40 minutes, “punching, kicking, throwing lit candles at her repeatedly, and worse,” according to the news station.

At times the alleged abuser is reportedly shown washing knives before returning to relentlessly beat her in a full-blown rage, over and over.  

“He’s opening another drawer, grabbing another knife,” Mclean stated.

Officials say the couple never spoke during the video, and the woman didn’t fight back during the footage.

“She’s just lying there,” Mclean said. “Not fighting back or moving at all.”

While the woman survived the unthinkable assault, she was left in a coma “for days.” 

Neighbors eventually found the victim on a porch of the home before calling authorities. Bashi was subsequently arrested and charged with assault with intent to kill. Prosecutors said Christina has since asked that the charges be dropped, which they said is normal of victims in domestic violence situations. However, officials aren’t backing down.

“The defendant puts pressure on the victim to dismiss the charges,” Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith said. “We are the only ones that can dismiss the charges so we don’t do it.”

“Our office handles about 2,500 domestic violence cases a year,” he said. “Of those cases, 60 percent of the victims either recant their story or don’t show up to the court at all.”

Authorities said in addition to the charge of assault with intent to murder, a controlled steroid was also found in the home. Prosecutors believe the defense may use the drug to argue for “roid rage” as being a reason behind the barbaric attack.

Bashi remains behind bars with bail set at $5 million.

If you or someone you know is in a victim of domestic violence, there is help. Call the U.S. National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 and TTY 1-800-787-3224.


[Feature Photo: Paul Bashi/Fox 2 screengrab]